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OS/2 Agent

I used to work for a company which made a software tracking product. This product, named LicenseTrack and later renamed SentinelTrack, used agents to track all the programs running on a network of computers. I had designed these agents for Windows, Windows 95 and Windows NT, but I wanted to do one for OS/2 as well.

The Windows version of the product was developed on Microsoft Visual C++, and I wanted to make a version that would compile on many platforms. I used Visual Age for C++ on OS/2, although it turns out that I could have used any compiler. The dialogs were designed using the standard OS/2 dialog editor.

The agent works by getting a process list; for OS/2 I had to use an undocumented call. Thanks to Holger Viet, author of XFree86/2 for the details on using the call. The screen shot of the agent shows the list of processes on the left, with some status information on the right. This information is for debugging, usually the agent would not show this window.

Screen shot of OS/2 agent

The SentinelTrack product has been withdrawn from the market. I am showing this agent as an example of my work for OS/2.

Last Modified: 15 May 2000
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