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Epson WP-4090 Printer

Epson WP-4090

This is an color inkjet printer with duplexing that works very well with OS/2 and eComStation. The printer is network connected, and includes support for PCL and Postscript. The printer uses four very large ink cartridges, which gives the printer a cost per page that is cheaper than many low-end color laser printers.

To get duplexing to work on this printer, I modified the PPD file from a Brother MFC-9840CDW PS printer. I changed the short name of the printer to "Epson 4090 Postscript". I used the "Printer driver import utility" in the eComStation Printers folder to import the PPD file.

Neil.PPD -- my modified printer description file

The browser has a small webserver to display the printer status. A screen shot is provided below.

Epson WP-4090 status
Last Modified: 22 Oct 2012
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