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Installing a new Sound Card in OS/2

I found this explanation of how to install a new sound card in OS/2, and it was the most elegant way I have seen. It assumes that you have a computer with working sound, or else a computer with MMOS2 installed, but no audio adapter.

This is a simple, safe way to uninstall your current sound card without having to do any selective install or delete the mmos2 subdirectory. I write OS/2 audio drivers and do this 8 or 9 times a day sometimes...

  1. Boot to an OS/2 full screen prompt.
  2. tedit the config.sys and delete or Rem-out the audio driver and it's vdd (if there is one.)
  3. tedit the mmos2\mmpm2.ini
  4. in the [Drivers] section delete the lines that begin with:
  5. every element listed in these lines will have an associated section further down in the ini and you can delete them also if you want, but it is not necessary for this to work. it merely avoids clutter in the ini file.
  6. reboot.
  7. install the audio drivers.

That's it, it will work every time and is much easier than selective uninstall and deleting the mmos2 subdirectory.