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How to use Create Utility Diskettes in OS/2

This utility has been broken for most of the history of OS/2. FixPak 12 brings us to the point of being able to make the diskettes again, but a small hack is needed.

The utility does work if the "Use files from the hard disk if they exist" checkbox is unchecked. However, these diskettes will not boot in most current computers. So, leave the box checked.

Start with four blank formatted disks with no bad sectors. Start the utility. The first diskette should be created with no problems. While creating the second diskette, the utility will stop because it is out of space.

At this point, open an OS/2 Command Window, and delete IBM2* from the root directory of the diskette. Edit the config.sys file in the root directory of the diskette, and remove the three lines containing IBM2... This will remove support for the PS/2. If you need support for the PS/2, you will need to find other files you can delete. There should be enough room left to complete the second diskette.

IBM has published a web page explaining how to make more room on utility disk 1.

The utility should create the next two diskettes with no problem. The four diskettes thus created should be bootable. That said, you should really use BootOS2 to make boot disks.

Last Modified: 26 Feb 2000
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