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Suntan Special version 0.66

Suntan Special DVD edition

Running Suntan Special

Once Suntan Special has been started, it will execute all of the tasks in the sequences it is processing. Some of the tasks are fully automatic, so Suntan Special will execute them with no interaction.

Some tasks are interactive. The installation of the Video Driver, Sci Tech Display Doctor Pro, for example, cannot be fully automated. Suntan Special will display a screen with instructions, and then launch the product installer.

You will be expected to run the product installer, and follow the suggestions made by Suntan Special. Refer to the instructions on the Suntan Special Display Monitor if you need to.

Many program installers will suggest that you reboot the computer. With Suntan Special, you should never allow program installer reboot the computer. Suntan Special will reboot the computer at the correct time. Allowing the program installer to reboot the computer may prevent Suntan Special from making essential changes to the computer configuration.

A few program installers will try to install in some location other than the applications directory. StarOffice is one example of such a program. It is a good idea to change the installation location of StarOffice to the applications directory before letting the installation continue. Suntan Special will always display a message to remind you to change the installation location.

Editing Settings

Before running Suntan Special, review all settings using the settings editor.

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