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Suntan Special version 0.66

Suntan Special Web edition

This edition of Suntan Special

The Suntan Special for Web CD-ROM has 10 applications in its setup directory. Each one includes a REXX program that encapsulates everything I know about installing that application on OS/2.

Suntan Special for Web has 28 sequences of applications. Each sequence is a collection of applications, in a particular order. Suntan Special executes the sequence of applications, installing one after another. Suntan Special reboots the computer as required, and continues to execute the sequence.

Suntan Special can install 0 extra applications. Suntan Special will prompt you to supply the installation files for the Extra applications, and then use them to install the application. The reason for including the Extra applications is to support those programs, such as commercial programs or shareware which forbid re-distribution of their installation files.

See the Contents of this Edition section for further details

The Web edition includes the gcc4core application. For users on some OS/2 and early eCS systems, gcc4core will provide a library needed download applications from the Internet.

Once Suntan Special is running, press the Refresh button to download the current list of available applications.

Last Modified: 29 Jan 2017
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