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New computer preloaded with eComStation 2.2


This is a new Lenovo ThinkCentre M72e desktop computer with eComStation 2.2 installed and configured. Sound, USB and wired network work. The display hardware is supported by Panorama. Lots of useful OS/2 software is installed.


The DVD writer can read and write dual-layer DVD media with an 8.4 GB capacity.

Connectors for sound and USB are provided on both the front and the rear of the computer for convenience.

A keyboard and mouse are included with the purchase. The included keyboard and mouse are USB, but the computer will support PS/2 connections for keyboard and mouse.

CPUIntel Pentium Dual-Core Processor G2120
Memory2 GB but eComStation recognizes only 512 MB
Hard Disk500 GB 7200 RPM SATA
GraphicsIntel HD
Optical DriveDVD Recordable
EthernetRealtek 8111E PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet
USB 2.0 Ports2 front panel, 4 rear panel
PS/2 Portsone mouse, one keyboard
Legacy ports1 serial, 1 parallel
PCI Express slots2 x1 and 1 x16


Fixed DOS Window as follows

Q: When I try to start a DOS or Win16 window, I get a popup message saying that the video mode is not supported. What do I do?

Edit your CONFIG.SYS file and locate the line which loads VSVGA.SYS. Add the following switch to the end of the line:


You also need to edit AUTOEXEC.BAT and add the following lines to the end of the file:

mode co80

Fix for sound not detected. Installed UniAud anyway, but then remark out drivers in config.sys


Sound comes from the built-in speaker unless UniMix is used to switch to the external speakers.

Content of extspeak.cmd

/* turn on the external speakers */
'unimix -set -id11 -cnt0 -val31'
'unimix -set -id11 -cnt1 -val31'
'unimix -set -id12 -cnt0 -val1'
'unimix -set -id12 -cnt1 -val1'

/* turn off internal speakers */
'unimix -set -id3 -cnt0 -val0'
'unimix -set -id3 -cnt1 -val0'
'unimix -set -id4 -cnt0 -val0'
'unimix -set -id4 -cnt1 -val0'

/*  play startup sound */

There is a deadly bug in the SAMBA client. Replace c:\ecs\dll\ndpsmb.dll with the current version before using any SAMBA server.

The USB mouse and keyboard do not work well on first boot. Reseting the KVM, unplugging mouse and keyboard, rebooting all work to some extent to get them working again. Starting with USBHCD release 11.05, I no longer see this problem.


Although 4 GB RAM is installed, the computer will only recognize 512MB due to hardware limitations.

While the computer comes with Windows 7 and disks for Windows 8, neither of these currently works with eCS on the same hard disk. The computer comes with only eComStation.

Until eCS 2.2 actually ships, this computer will ship with a pre-release copy of eCS 2.2.

Not Included

None of the following items are included: monitor, speakers, ethernet cable, printer cable, USB cable.


Suntan Special is included with each computer. All applications that are pre-installed by Blonde Guy can be kept up to date using Suntan Special.

eComStation volume apps list

Maintenance volume apps list

Power Consumption

This computer is quite efficient. Power consumption is 34 Watts, measured with the computer booted to the desktop. This computer also consumes less than 1 Watt if it's plugged in, but switched off.

Disk Layout

The disk is partitioned to provide two bootable partitions, one for normal use and one for maintenance use. User data and programs are stored on separate volumes. The data and programs volumes can be expanded from the free space.

Volume NameDisk FormatDrive LetterVolume SizeDisk Name
eComStationJFS C:4,000 MBInternal Hard Disk
MaintenanceJFS E:4,000 MBInternal Hard Disk
Programs JFS F:7,998 MBInternal Hard Disk
Data JFS D:80,001 MBInternal Hard Disk
Free Space --- --380,923 MBInternal Hard Disk

USB Capabilities

This computer has been tested with the following USB peripherals:
USB Floppy drive
PNY 16 GB thumb drive
Toshiba 500 GB portable hard drive
das keyboard
Logitech mouse


SysBench 0.9.5 benchmarks for this computer. You can download SysBench 0.9.5 here:

PM-Graphics-marks 162
CPU integer-marks 5856
CPU floating point-marks 818
DIVE-marks 5917
File I/O-marks 49921
Memory-marks 16339
Simultaneous I/O-marks 2
Disk I/O-marks 601
CD I/O-marks 111


This computer comes with a license for eComStation 2.2 and six months of Software Subscription Services. If you already have a license for eComStation 2.2, check the box on the order form for the eCS 2.2 license holder discount.

Suntan Special

Suntan Special was used to install and configure software on the computer. A license for Suntan Special software is included with the computer. You may use Suntan Special to download and install updates to the system and its applications and to install additional applications.


To buy this computer, press the Order button to bring up an order form. Fill out and submit the order form. Blonde Guy will review your order and send you an invoice, payable using PayPal or any major credit card. If you prefer to pay by check, note that in the notes field of the order form, and I will e-mail you an invoice payable by check.

Before ordering this computer, please read the description carefully. I want and appreciate your business, but I also want you clearly understand what I am offering for sale. If you have questions, you may enter them in the notes portion of the order form.

This computer available to order. After payment is received, I will order, build, test and ship the computer. When the computer is shipped, you will get a tracking number for shipment.

The final price of the computer depends on tax, shipping and coupons.

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