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Lenovo Thinkpad X200 (Serbopeep)


This Thinkpad model is powerful, yet light weight portable computer. It is small enough to fit nicely on an airline tray table. Thinkpads are top quality laptop computers. The ArcaOS installation provides as complete OS/2 hardware support as currently possible on this laptop.

This laptop computer is configured to boot ArcaOS. No Windows is installed, nor are instructions provided to install Windows without harming the ArcaOS installation.

Docking Station and DVD drive

Serbopeep was tested with a docking station and DVD Multi-burner, which are included. DVD Toys has been installed by ArcaOS to provice support for the DVD Multi-burner in the dock.

ArcaOS installation

A boot menu offers either the ArcaOS installer, located on drive C: or the ArcaOS operating system, located on drive K:.

WiFi oddities

WiFi works in the following way. To use the WiFi, use the switch on the left side of the laptop to start the laptop with the radio on. Once booted, go to the XWLAN widget on the xCenter, and turn the radio off. Then, use the switch on the left side of the computer switch the radio off, then on again. Go to the XWLAN widget on the xCenter, and turn the radio on. WiFi will function normally.

No PC Card support

This laptop has a single PC Card slot, which supports OS/2 compatible PC Cards. I have not installed PC Card support, however. I no longer have PC Cards to adequately test PC Card support.


  • Operating system: ArcaOS 5.0.3.
  • Suntan Special is included with each computer. All applications that are pre-installed by Blonde Guy can be kept up to date using Suntan Special.
  • Apache OpenOffice is installed. OpenOffice has good compatibility with Microsoft Office documents.
  • Tabbed PDF Viewer and Lucide are installed.
  • Computer maintenance programs include a trial version of DFSee, Sysbench to measure the speed of the computer, PCI to scan the system hardware and SystemInfo to view the entire computer configuration.
  • ArcaOS installs RPM/YUM, a software configuration framework. Suntan Special acts as a layer over RPM/YUM to replace the detailed knowledge of how to install and configure software using YUM with pre-packaged application installations.
  • The Arca Noae version of the FAT32 file system is installed.
  • Firefox and Seamonkey web browsers are installed.
  • Thunderbird and PMMail are installed to provide a choice of e-mail client program.
  • Java (OpenJDK 6.00) is installed.
  • VLC media player is installed to play back most video file types and some commercial DVDs.
  • PM123 music players are provided to support music needs. The CD Player is correctly configured to play music CDs. Generic MP3 players that connect via USB are supported.
  • Cameraderie provides support for digital cameras.
  • I use rsync, which is a mirroring program, to keep several copies of my data drive. The rsync program copies only files that have changed, added or removed when it updates a copy of the data drive.
  • 4os2 provides an alternative to the OS/2 command prompt with more features.
  • A number of fonts are added. Thanks to Alex Taylor for developing some OS/2 specific fonts. Liberation and Deja Vu fonts are also added to support some programs.
  • Also asscoedit, bootable, clam av, VNC, PMWipe are installed.

    ArcaOS Installer volume

    As installed, the ArcaOS installation DVD image is stored in the C:\ARCA_ISO directory.

    A data drive has been provided with installation notes in D:\Notes. The factory backup is stored in the D:\Factory directory. The backup is a simple zip file which can be restored using the latest unzip 6.


    DFSee is a generic disk, partition and filesystem utility for maintenance and data-recovery. It supports partition tables (FDISK, LVM), FAT, FAT32, HPFS, NTFS, and partly JFS, EXT2/3 or REISER filesystems. DFSee is commercial software which requires a license key for continued use.


    Physical Dimensions

    Height: 0.8 inch
    Width: 11.6 inches
    Depth: 9.2 inches
    Weight: 3 lbs 10 oz (2 lbs 7 oz with 4-cell battery)

    Power Consumption

    Power consumption is 16 Watts, measured with the computer booted to the desktop. This computer consumes less than 1 Watt if it's plugged in, but switched off. When charging a depleted battery, it consumes up to 45 Watts.


    Front and Left

    Serbopeep Front and Left


    Serbopeep Right


    Serbopeep Rear

    Disk Layout

    The disk is partitioned into ArcaOS installer and ArcaOS volumes. You can use the ArcaOS volume (K:) as is, or you can create your own ArcaOS volume out of the free space.

    This is the layout for a 500 GB hard drive.

    Volume NameDisk FormatDrive LetterVolume SizeDisk Name
    ArcaOS instFAT16 C:1,786 MB500 GB
    ArcaOS dataJFS D:5,000 MB500 GB
    ArcaOS-K JFS K:20,002 MB500 GB
    free space N/A N/A450,138 MB500 GB

    Performance Benchmarks

    This table reports the SysBench 0.9.5 benchmarks for this computer. You can download SysBench 0.9.5 here:

    PM-Graphics-marks 158
    CPU integer-marks 7710
    CPU floating point-marks 405
    DIVE-marks 3161
    File I/O-marks 77376
    Memory-marks 7275
    Simultaneous I/O-marks 32
    Disk I/O-marks 351


    To buy this computer, fill out an order form and submit it to Blonde Guy. Blonde Guy will review your order and send you an invoice, payable using PayPal or any major credit card. If you prefer to pay by check, note that in the notes field of the order form, and I will e-mail you an invoice payable by check.

    If you have questions, you may enter them in the notes portion of the order form.

    The final price of the computer depends on tax, shipping and options.

    An order for the computer is for the hardware as descibed on this page and for the software licenses.

    On the order form, choose the appropriate ArcaOS license. For a business, the commercial license is required, otherwise a personal license is fine. The personal license comes with a 6-month subscription for support and maintenance. The commercial license comes with a 12-month subscription.

    Last Modified: 4 Nov 2018
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