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Installing emx

Emx is a suite of programs and libraries that support a Unix-like programming environment to support the C and C++ languages.

Part One - Runtime

Install the emx runtime to run programs which require the emx runtime to run. This installation is enough to run most emx-based programs. Only one emx archvie,, is requred to install the runtime environment. The config.sys is changed, and a reboot will be required.

Download the runtime files

emx download Download emx from the Hobbes site at Univerisity of New Mexico (North America)


I put the zip files in c:\temp, and then unzipped them to c:\bin\emx.

  1. there are a bunch of emx zip files. put them together in one directory.
  2. choose a target directory.
  3. change directory to the target directory
  4. unzip the runtime
    unzip %emx_source%\
  5. back up config.sys copy config.sys config.emx
  6. edit config.sys
  7. ensure the TZ environment variable is set
    set tz=PST8PDT
  8. add %emx_target%\bin to the path statement
  9. add %emx_target%\dll to the libpath statement
  10. save config.sys
  11. reboot

Testing the Installation

To test the installation, run the emxrev program. Six revision numbers will be displayed. The value of each will be as below for emx 0.9d fix 03.

EMX : revision = 61
EMXIO : revision = 60
EMXLIBC : revision = 63
EMXLIBCM : revision = 63
EMXLIBCS : revision = 63
EMXWRAP : revision = 60

Part Two - Developers files

For developers, there are emx files for the compilers and utilities that are needed. In addition to these files, tools like make, RCS and a good text editor are also needed.

To install the developers version of emx, unzip the zip file for each feature in the same fashion the emxrt file. The list of file I used is as follows:


Add the following lines to config.sys

SET MAKESTARTUP=c:\bin\dmake40\dmake.ini
SET C_INCLUDE_PATH=c:/bin/emx/include
SET LIBRARY_PATH=c:/bin/emx/lib
SET CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=c:/bin/emx/include/cpp;c:/bin/emx/include
SET PROTODIR=c:/bin/emx/include/cpp/gen
SET OBJC_INCLUDE_PATH=c:/bin/emx/include

At the same time, install make. I use dmake version 40, so I create a dmake directory, and unzip in it. The MAKESTARTUP environment variable must be set, and it is already included in the config.sys changes above. It is also necessary to add the dmake directory to the path.

Testing the Installation

To see if the installation was successful, try to compile the sample programs in the sample directory off of the emx directory.

Last Modified: 31 Oct 2000
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