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Blonde Guy Intranet Blonde Guy Intranet
This is a demonstration of a web application running on WebSphere, DB/2 and OS/2 Warp Server for e-business.

Blonde Guy servlet page Servlets
Some of my web applications are servlets. Servlets are simple to write. A servlet generates the web server response programmatically, so they are easy to controll, and they are very fast.

Popuplog Analyser JavaServer Pages (jsp)
Java Server Pages (jsp) are a way to combine the power of java on the server with the flexibility of HTML for page layout. They work by embedding java code directly in the web page. When the web page is requested for the first time, the server compiles it. Subsequent requests merely execute the page.

Blonde Guy's HTML page HTML
HTML is the language of the web. I do a lot of page layout manually because I need to do the same in servlet code. To get the overall look of a page, I'll consult a designer, who will create a page in her favorite program. I then dissect the code and proceed manually.

Blonde Guy applet page Java Applets
My favorite method for extending web pages beyond HTML is the Java Applet. Applets get their own rectangular window on the web page and the can also generate their own windows. A cool method of extending HTTP is to use communication between an applet and a servlet.

Blonde Guy javascript page Javascript
My buttons are animated using Javascript. Javascript is quite efficient because it is part of the text of the web page.

Blonde Guy WebSphere page Websphere
The combination of Lotus Domino Go Webserver and IBM WebSphere 3.0 comes with an IBM Developer Connection subscription. These two programs were easy to install and learn. They comprise my first web application platform.

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