Remote System Administration

Blonde Guy offers a remote system administration service. When you purchase this service, Blonde Guy will take control of your system using OS/2 HelpDesk and perform the tasks you specify.

Your OS/2 computer must be connected to the Internet for remote control to work. OS/2 HelpDesk has been tested on OS/2 Warp 4, eComStation and ArcaOS. When you purchase remote administration, you will get a download link to the HelpDesk client that has been personalized for your use.

At an agreed upon time, Blonde Guy will call you on the phone, and you will run the HelpDesk client. The client will only connect to the Blonde Guy site, and will use encrypted communication to reduce the security risk inherent in remote control.

Blonde Guy will take control of your system, and perform the service you request. This service is subject to the limitations of remote control. You will be able to watch as the work is done.

HelpDesk session

Remote administration tasks are often swiftly accomplished, so there is a one hour minimum charge ($125). For larger tasks, hourly charges will apply.

Order remote system administration
Order form for a remote system administration session.

System requirements

The oldest system currently tested was OS/2 Warp 4 FixPak 11. OS/2 Warp 4, eComStation or ArcaOS are all acceptable systems. Internet access must be possible. Most standard home routers should be able to supply the needed connectivity.

HelpDesk uses secure shell (SSH) and runs the secure shell daemon (SSHD) on the remote system. Users who run SSHD will need to do some additional configuration. Most users only need to run the helpdesk client.

Geographic restrictions

Blonde Guy remote system administration is only available users in USA.

Last Modified: 12 Mar 2019
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