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Warpstock 2022


Warpstock is the annual conference for ArcaOS, OS/2, and eComStation users, administrators, and developers. Warpstock provides the unique experience of being in a room full of ArcaOS, OS/2 and eComStation users.

Warpstock lasted three days, from Friday, 9:00 AM to Sunday 12:00 Noon. The meeting was at a hotel near the Orlando airport. There are free Lyft rides to the hotel from the airport during some hours. The hotel offers complimentary breakfast, and Warpstock provides lunch and snacks. There are restaurants in walking distance from the hotel. The conference is designed to be easy to attend.

Any travel is expensive, but we've done our part to make Warpstock economical. Flying from various parts of the country is expensive, but Orlando is usually one of the cheaper destinations. The hotel is clean but not too luxurious. The catered lunches are from a local Cuban restaurant that serves good food with a nice selection for vegetarians. The registration fee is calculated to meet our actual expenses.

Warpstock is a non-profit corporation established to promote education, information, and social opportunities to those persons interested in computer operating systems and related software, including the production of an annual technology conference.

Video on YouTube

You can view the presentations on YouTube. Go to the WarpEvents page at YouTube.

Users with OS/2 can watch the stream in two ways.

1) Option 1: Firefox pointing to the WarpEvents site:

2) Option 2: Grab the YouTube URL and put it on VLC to view the Live Stream.