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Warpstock is the annual conference for ArcaOS, OS/2, and eComStation users, administrators, and developers. Warpstock provides the unique experience of being in a room full of ArcaOS, OS/2 and eComStation users.

Warpstock 2022

Warpstock lasts three days, from Friday, 9:00 AM to Sunday 12:00 Noon. The meeting is at a hotel near the Orlando airport. There is a free shuttle to the hotel from the airport. The hotel offers complimentary breakfast, and Warpstock provides lunch and snacks. There are restaurants in walking distance from the hotel. The conference is designed to be easy to attend.

Any travel is expensive, but we've done our part to make Warpstock economical. Flying from various parts of the country is expensive, but Orlando is usually one of the cheaper destinations. The hotel is clean but not too luxurious. The catered lunches are from a local Cuban restaurant that serves good food with a nice selection for vegetarians. The registration fee is calculated to meet our actual expenses.

Warpstock is a non-profit corporation established to promote education, information, and social opportunities to those persons interested in computer operating systems and related software, including the production of an annual technology conference.

If you visit the Warpstock web page listed below, you'll see that the calendar is not yet full. It is our intention to have technical presentations on Friday, Roadmap and social presentations on Saturday, and a concentration on computer gaming for Sunday morning.

Our conference relies on people coming forward to present what they are doing in the OS/2 space. Warpstock tries to make it easy for you to bring a basic slide deck or video to Warpstock, and present your work. If you have built something interesting on OS/2, Warpstock attendees probably want to see it.

Warpstock 2022 will be held at the Country Inn & Suites, Orlando Airport, located at 5440 Forbes Place, Orlando, Florida 32812.

Register before August 31 and receive a $30 Early Bird discount on a full conference registration or $20 on a daily conference registration! Spouses/family members/guests/office mates attending sessions also receive great discounts, and non-attending guests are FREE. Students with valid student ID are always welcome to attend sessions at no charge, with full benefits!

If you want to present, send e-mail to Your presentation will help make Warpstock 2022 a success.

Presentations should be relevant to OS/2 users, including ArcaOS and eComStation. Presentations on the history of OS/2 are also welcome.

Presentations will be in person where possible. Remote presentations can be live from your location or you can submit a video and take questions from the audience.

Please include a presentation title and a short description to put on the website. If this is the first time presenting at Warpstock, please include a one-paragraph bio.