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Used computer preloaded with eComStation 2.0


This is a used IBM Intelistation M Pro with eComStation 2.0 installed and configured. It has an Adaptec SCSI-320 adapter with an IBM e-server hard drive. Sound, USB and wired network work. The display hardware is supported by SNAP graphics in VESA mode. Lots of useful OS/2 software is installed.

This computer was damaged in shipping, and has been overhauled. Parts came from two other donor computers. IBM overbuilt the Intellistation series -- they also sold this series as a Netfinity server. If 36 GB seems meager by today's standards, just check the box to add a SATA 500 GB drive.

The Suntan Special Advantage

3bopeep comes with Suntan Special. I use Suntan Special to install the software on all Blonde Guy computers. Suntan Special software can be used to install all updates to the system and its applications and to install additional applications. When newer versions of software are released, Suntan Special can keep your Blonde Guy computer up to date.


This computer has one fixed 36 GB disk.

I have supplied sufficient RAM to allow many programs to run at once, or support virtual machines.

The USB 2.0 ports support keyboards, mice, scanners, thumb drives, cameras, MP3 players, external hard drives, floppies and CD Writers.

The CD writer can read and write CD media with an 700 MB capacity.

The display hardware is based on the NVidia Quadro, which provides fast graphics on the OS/2 or eComStation platforms.

Connectors for USB are provided on both the front and the rear of the computer for more convenience.


The case is physically damaged -- scuff-marks, scratches and a dent are visible. While the case does open and close, it is slightly bent.

Not Included

None of the following items are included: monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, ethernet cable, printer cable, USB cable. If you need any of these contact Blonde Guy for a quote.


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