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New computer preloaded with eComStation 2.1



Physical Dimensions

Height: 18 inches
Width: 8.1 inches
Depth: 18.3 inches
Weight: 29 lbs

Power Consumption

Power consumption is 72 Watts, measured with the computer booted to the desktop. This computer also consumes 1 Watt if it's plugged in, but switched off.

Disk Layout

The disk is partitioned to provide two bootable partitions, one for normal use and one for maintenance use. User data and programs are stored on separate volumes.

Volume NameDisk FormatDrive LetterVolume SizeDisk Name
Boot Manager - - 7 MBMushkin SSD
eComStation JFS C:3,004 MBMushkin SSD
Maintenance JFS E:3,004 MBMushkin SSD
eCS-N JFS N:10,001 MBMushkin SSD
Programs JFS F:7,998 MBMushkin SSD
Data JFS - 14,141 MBMushkin SSD
PrettyBig JFS D:476,927 MBDeskstar HD

USB Capabilities

This computer has been tested with the following USB peripherals:
Polaroid 4 GB memory key
Kingston 128 MB thumb drive
Lexar 256 MB MP3 player
Verbatim 8 GB USB Drive
Toshiba 500 GB portable hard drive
Logitech keyboard
Logitech mouse


SysBench 0.9.5 benchmarks for this computer. You can download SysBench 0.9.5 here:

without ACPI
with ACPI
PM-Graphics-marks 321 457
CPU integer-marks 2281 4625
CPU floating point-marks 202 549
DIVE-marks 202 202
File I/O-marks 7975080605
Memory-marks 1068810724
Simultaneous I/O-marks 6 3
Disk I/O-marks 422 445

The score for Disk I/O-marks score is for the 500 GB hard drive. Sysbench is unable to measure the speed of the SSD.

Last Modified: 21 Jan 2012
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