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ArcaOS 5.1 Support and Maintenance

ArcaOS 5.1 is available in either personal and commercial editions. Personal edition licenses come with a 6 months ArcaOS Support & Maintenance subscription. Commercial editions include prioritized support and a full year ArcaOS Support & Maintenance subscription.

Subscription Benefits

One Support and Maintenance subscription entitles the subscriber to:

ArcaOS 5.1 Support and Maintenance subscription is a different product than ArcaOS 5.0 Support and Maintenance subscription. This is because some 5.1 content is only licensed for use with 5.1, so users who decide to wait to upgrade their licenses to 5.1 will get updates and support for 5.0 *only*. Likewise, there are components in 5.0 which will not ship with 5.1 (the current ArcaMapper GUI, for example). These updates would not be of any use to 5.1 licensees.

How to renew your subscription

If Arca Noae just sent you a notice to renew your Support and Maintenance subscription, forward the e-mail to Blonde Guy and I will process your renewal.

ArcaOS 5.1 Support & Maintenance subscriptions are metered 1:1 to ArcaOS licenses (one ArcaOS 5.1 license is covered by one ArcaOS 5.1 Support & Maintenance subscription). If you have more than one ArcaOS license, then you need to let us know which license gets this subscription. You can do this by giving either the Blonde Guy or the Arca Noae order number.

Three renewal rates

The cost of an Arca Noae Support & Maintenance subscription depends on the expiration date.

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ArcaOS license type
ArcaOS order number

How to find your Support and Maintenance expiration date

Currently, the only way to guess about this is to look at the original order, and if it is an AcaOS personal edition, figure the first renewal would have been at 6 months, and then every year from there. For commercial edition, assume every year.

Visit the Arca Noae website (see link below) and log in. Select the link for Account, and then for Orders and Subscriptions. Look for your original ArcaOS order. That will show your original order date, from which you may be able to calculate your expiration date.