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OS/2 Compatible computers

When you buy a Blonde Guy computer, you benefit from 20 years of experience using a wide variety of computers. With each computer, you get:

For each computer sold, Blonde Guy will send funds to bitwise works to finish the QT 5 port and the new web browser.


Blonde Guy laptop computers provide a portable OS/2 environment. A good travel computer provides all the capabilities of the office machine at a remote location, and it can join diverse networks with adequate security.

Blonde Guy uses Lenovo Thinkpads, which are good quality laptops, with excellent documentation.

The smallest laptop will let you work comfortably in a small space. A larger one will provide you with a larger screen and keyboard.


Blonde Guy desktop computers provide an OS/2 environment in your office. Blonde Guy uses good quality, well documented Lenovo ThinkCentre computers.

Blonde Guy desktop computers can be equipped with parallel ports and PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports, which are not commonly found on modern computers.

Desktop computers come in three sizes.

OS/2 compatible computer accessories

The parts on this page can be ordered separately from Blonde Guy computers. They are offered to save OS/2 users time getting the right parts for their platform.

ArcaOS Virtual Machine

Blonde Guy sells a virtual hard drive that has ArcaOS installed and configured to run under Virtual Box. The applications that Blonde Guy usually installs on an ArcaOS preloaded computer are installed in the virtual machine. If you have decided to go virtual for ArcaOS, this is a way to get there quickly.

Archive of sold machines

Here is a list of past Blonde Guy computers, allowing existing customers to view the web page for their computers.