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OS/2 C/C++ Compilers

Current Compilers

While older compilers all still work, I find the reasonable choices to be just these two.


GCC is more than a C/C++ compiler. An OS/2-based software distribution based on our port of RPM/YUM installs the compiler, the supporting libraries, documentation and run times for programs written in GCC. As this article is being written, OS/2 RPM build 9.2.0-5.oc00 is the current version.

Open Watcom C/C++ 2.0 beta1

OpenWatcom has forked. I am using this fork, but I do not know any reason to prefer one fork over the other. Progress seems stalled on OpenWatcom. To some extent, OpenWatcom benefits from GCC support as installed and maintained by RPM/YUM.

I updated from the list below.

Older Compilers

In 2005, I made a quick list of OS/2 C/C++ compilers with some pros and cons:

Borland C++ 2.0

IBM VisualAge C++ 3.08

IBM VisualAge C++ 3.65

IBM VisualAge C++ 4.0

Innotek gcc 3.x

Open Watcom C/C++ 1.3

Thanks to Michal Necasek for this list.