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Blonde Guy's OS/2 Developers page

I have developed a few programs under OS/2. Some of them are on display here.

  1. my experience with emx
    My first essay ever was my experience with emx. Rough, but I had a heartfelt need to develop OS/2 apps. The company was totally ungrateful, even though they made so much money from their contract that the company was acquired.

  2. OS/2 Agent
    This essay describes an OS/2 agent I wrote for a software tracking product. The agent tracks all the programs that the user runs.

  3. OS/2 C/C++ Compilers
    A brief description of the C and C++ compilers in use today on OS/2.

  4. OpenWatcom FORTRAN
    How to install and use the OpenWatcom FORTRAN compiler and Integrated Development Environment.

  5. Unattended Installation using WarpIN
    I needed to automate WarpIN installation for my Suntan Special project. I've summarized what I learned here. This can be useful if you prefer command line and text editors, or even if an application using WarpIN won't let you do what you want.

  6. Popuplog Analyser
    Displays the crash events in your OS/2 trap-information log.