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ArcaOS 5.1 Media Pack

ArcaOS manual

An ArcaOS media pack is a spiral-bound, 46 page version of the ArcaOS 5.1 Installation Guide. Adhesive clear plastic pockets hold a custom-printed ArcaOS installation DVD and a custom-printed ArcaOS installation USB thumb drive. The manual is USA letter size is US English only.

ArcaOS media are always personalized with the buyer's information. The manual with media is available four ways.

Online Ordering

Online ordering through PayPal should be working with the OS/2 version of Dooble web browser.

ArcaOS license type
Link to Customer ISO

Note: Blonde Guy will NOT ship to Russia, Argentina or any country prohibited by Arca Noae.

Special orders

For special orders or to pay by check, please use the Contact page and let me know you want to buy an ArcaOS 5.1 Media Pack.

Customer License

Blonde Guy needs an ISO to personalize your media pack.

If you are purchasing an ArcaOS license with your media pack, Blonde Guy will use the .ISO for that license. To get a media pack personalized with a license you now have, send Blonde Guy a link to your .ISO file.

To get the link, log in to your Arca Noae account, proceed to the Download Center, and ask to download your ISO. Arca Noae will e-mail you a link to your ISO. Please include that link in your order, or forward that e-mail to Blonde Guy.

Here is more information about getting a link to your ISO from Arca Noae.

Getting a link to your ISO from Arca Noae

Please do NOT attach your ISO to an e-mail. I cannot receive such messages. If you have a ISO, you can put it on Dropbox (or any similar website) and include that link in your order.