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Blonde Guy Products

Blonde Guy Products are intended to support people who want to run OS/2 programs.

ArcaOS Preloaded Computers
Desktop and laptop computers preloaded with ArcaOS and some commonly used applications. eComStation also available on selected computers.

ArcaOS Virtual Machine

Blonde Guy sells a virtual ArcaOS appliance configured to run under Virtual Box. The applications that Blonde Guy usually installs on an ArcaOS preloaded computer are installed in the virtual machine. If you have decided to go virtual for ArcaOS, this is a way to get there quickly.

Suntan Special version 0.68
A product that transforms your computer into a well-equipped workstation with some of the best applications available.

ArcaOS 5.1, a distribution of the IBM OS/2 operating system. Licenses and mediapacks are available.

Arca Noae OS/2 & eCS drivers and software package
This product contains all the latest drivers for OS/2 and eComStation developed by Arca Noae. This product is essential to run OS/2 and eComStation on more modern PC hardware.

FAT32 USB thumb drive
16 GB USB thumb drive specially prepared to facilitate data exchange between ArcaOS, eCS, OS/2, Windows, Linux and Mac.

MangoCom router monitor
MangoCom Router Monitor Version 0.90 by Blonde Guy, May 2021
Free software to provide OS/2 support for routers running GL.iNet