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Blonde Guy mail-in computer service

OS/2 users are generally self-sufficient, but sometimes it's nice to have some help. Blonde Guy will repair or service your ArcaOS, OS/2 or eComStation computer. Blonde Guy specializes in OS/2 configuration and troubleshooting.

How to get your computer serviced

1. Send your computer to Blonde Guy, along with diagnostic fee, contact information, return mailing address, and a description of the problems you are experiencing.

2. Blonde Guy will diagnose your indicated problems and you will receive a complete estimate detailing cost to repair your computer via email for your approval.

3. Blonde Guy will complete the approved repair and ship the working computer back to you.

Services and rates

Diagnostic Fee: $375

Covers diagnostic tests, estimate and first hour's labor on all services

General Labor Rate: $125/hr

All clients will receive a repair estimate that must be approved before repair work begins.

What Blonde Guy does not do

If your repair requires OS/2 awareness, Blonde Guy is a good choice. If, for example, you have a laptop with a broken screen, or a desktop with a bad power supply, there are better, cheaper repair alternatives.

List of Services

OS/2 (or ArcaOS or eComStation) won't boot or other computer ailments

Blonde Guy will diagnose almost any problem and provide an estimate and a plan for repair.

Hard drive upgrade

Blonde Guy will replace your current hard drive with a new one. This is challenging when a computer supports only one drive, for example, most laptops and tiny desktops. Blonde Guy will clone and replace the hard drive.

ArcaOS Installation

Blonde Guy will install ArcaOS on your computer. Blonde Guy will advise you regarding the ArcaOS compatibility of your computer.

ArcaOS virtual machine

Blonde Guy will install ArcaOS on your computer running under VirtualBox. VirtualBox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware, targeted at server, desktop and embedded use.

Send your computer running Windows or Linux, and Blonde Guy will install VirtualBox, and set up a virtual copy of ArcaOS to run under VirtualBox.

ArcaOS dual boot (coming soon...)

Blonde Guy will install ArcaOS 5.1 on your computer along side the current operating system. A boot manager will select between operating systems at boot time. This service will not be available until ArcaOS 5.1 is released.

How to get your computer back

Once Blonde Guy has examined your computer, you will receive an estimate by e-mail.

If you approve the estimate and make payment, Blonde Guy will complete the work and ship the computer to you. You must be in USA/Canada/Mexico. The computer must be small enough to ship via UPS.

If you decline the estimate, Blonde Guy will return your computer after you pay return shipping.

How to pay the diagnostic fee

There are two ways to send Blonde Guy payment for diagnosis of your computer problem.

1. Enclose a check with your computer. While you are at it, include a description of the problem.

2. Use the PayPal button below to pay by credit card. It's still a good idea to include a description of the problem with your computer.

Ship your computer to me at the address below.

Blonde Guy
130 Serra Ct.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


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