Desktop computer (Humbopeep)


This new Lenovo ThinkCentre M720s computer is compatible with ArcaOS. It features an Pentium Gold G5400 processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive and a DVD-Writer.

Build Notes

This section documents what I did to get this computer to work under ArcaOS. It is intended to show what goes into this computer, and also as a guide to the user who wants to build it himself.

I ordered the computer from Lenovo, a Startek USB 2.0 PCIe card and a SYBA USB Stereo Sound Adapter from NewEgg and a PS/2 internal extension cable from e-Bay.

Optional PS/2 ports

The computer has the capability to run PS/2 ports. I have added an internal extension cable (part number 43N9149) to the Lenovo computer. This part is available as an extra cost option.

Installing ArcaOS

With Lenovo systems, it's best to do a thorough wipe of the hard disk before beginning. OS/2 and therefore ArcaOS, is very picky about drive geometry. A disk laid out by any other operating system will likely not work under OS/2.

When preparing a hard drive of over 500 GB, I needed to change the geometry, wipe the hard drive, and reboot. This can be done automatically by running Disk Utility from the ArcaOS installation DVD. Then I could lay out the whole hard drive as documented below.

Initially, I installed ArcaOS 5.0.3, the current release. I'm in the ArcaOS Testers group, so I have also installed a pre-release version of ArcaOS 5.0.4.

Driver Notes

Disk driver is OS2AHCI. This seems to work.

The ethernet port on the computer is supported starting with version distributed as Multimac-20181126. The network interface has been set up to configure automatically.

Sound using UniAud does not work. The driver does not load. USB Audio works. The operating system should be loaded without any multimedia adapter support. After that Loading USB Audio 10.227 works well. The SYBA USB Stereo Sound Adapter is a USB Audio 1.0 device.

The test version of USB 3.0 driver loads but does not work.

DOS Full Screen works. DOS Window does not. But if you press Alt-Home in DOS Full Screen, you get a functional DOS Window.

The computer cannot reboot. Shutdown with power-off works, but any method of rebooting hangs the computer. Installing the following test versions of OS2LDR and ACPI 3.12 allow reboot to work as expected.


Using Suntan Special, I run Suntan Special sequences ArcaOS50, apps, games and cleanup. This is saved as the Factory image. This is normally what would be supplied on the computer.


Suntan Special

I use Suntan Special to install the software on all Blonde Guy computers. Suntan Special software can be used to install all updates to the system and its applications and to install additional applications. When newer versions of software are released, Suntan Special can keep your Blonde Guy computer up to date.

Suntan Special was used to bring the system up to date on May 30, 2019.

Recovery DVD

To make the bootable recovery DVD, the operating system image is used. The recovery DVD is a work in progress; refer to the readme to backup and restore disk images.

The recovery DVD supplied is a bootable ArcaOS DVD with a backup of the hard drive as delivered. You can boot the machine from DVD, and perform maintenance functions. The factory backup is stored in the \image\Factory directory. The backups are simple zip files.


DFSee is a generic disk, partition and filesystem utility for maintenance and data-recovery. It supports partition tables (FDISK, LVM), FAT, FAT32, HPFS, NTFS, and partly JFS, EXT2/3 or REISER filesystems. DFSee is commercial software which requires a license key for continued use.


Physical Dimensions

Height: 10.8 inches
Width: 3.9 inches
Depth: 11.9 inches
Weight: 9.4 lbs

Power Consumption

Power consumption is 19 Watts, measured with the computer is booted to the desktop and idle. In use, with all cores at 100% the computer can consume about 40 watts. This computer consumes 1 Watt if it's plugged in, but switched off.



humbopeep Unboxing

Unboxing 2

humbopeep Unboxing 2


humbopeep Front


humbopeep Rear

Interior shot with tool-free drive bays.

humbopeep Interior

Another Interior shot

This shows the Startek USB 2.0 PCIe card installed.

humbopeep Interior 2

Yet another interior shot

This shows the PS/2 internal extension cable during installation.

humbopeep Interior 3

Disk Layout

The disk is partitioned to provide ArcaOS, spare partitions for future use and data drive.

This is the layout for the 500 GB HD. The Air-Boot boot manager is installed to select the volume to be started.

Volume NameDisk FormatDrive LetterVolume SizeDisk Name
InstallerFAT16 X:2,000 MB500 GB SATA
ArcaOS-K JFS K:10,001 MB500 GB SATA
Data JFS D:20,000 MB500 GB SATA
ArcaOS-C JFS C:10,001 MB500 GB SATA
ArcaOS-J JFS J:10,001 MB500 GB SATA

Performance Benchmarks

This table reports the SysBench 0.9.5 benchmarks for this computer. You can download SysBench 0.9.5 here:

PM-Graphics-marks 275
CPU integer-marks 8413
CPU floating point-marks 596
DIVE-marks 9514
File I/O-marks 93531
Memory-marks 28253
Simultaneous I/O-marks 43
Disk I/O-marks 707


To buy this computer, use the order button below. Be prepared to enter any special notes about your needs or customization for the computer. Blonde Guy will review your order and send you an invoice, payable using PayPal or any major credit card. If you prefer to pay by check, note that in the notes field of the order form, and I will e-mail you an invoice payable by check.

If you have questions, you may enter them in the notes portion of the order form.

The final price of the computer depends on tax, shipping and options. Shipping outside the USA is available, but it is costly.

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