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Blonde Guy OS/2 hardware page

There is a guide for building a computer to run OS/2, and procedures for adding CD-Writers, Zip Disks, Wheel-mice and DSL to OS/2.

  1. OS/2 Notebook Server
    Converting an old, unused notebook computer to a server can save electricity, and prevent waste.

  2. How to replace the server hard drive
    When the hard drive on the server goes, you've got to replace it quickly, to minimize server down-time. Here is a complete procedure.

  3. Building a computer to run OS/2
    I built my own computer to run OS/2 Warp Server for e-Business. I used only components I knew to have OS/2 support. The computer worked first time, and there were no glitches installing OS/2.

  4. Iomega Zip Drive
    I've produced a detailed installation guide for the Iomega Zip Drive ATAPI version. If you have a parallel port version, return it to the store.

  5. Using SATA DVD-RW drives
    I'm a long-time RSJ CD-Writer user, but it stopped working on modern drives. This essay gives procedures for using modern SATA-attached drives.

  6. IDE CD-RW drive
    I've produced a detailed installation guide for some IDE CD-Writers. Read the essay to which CD-Writers will work.

  7. ScrollPoint or Wheel mouse
    I've produced a detailed installation guide for the ScrollPoint or Wheel mouse. Users of WSeB do not need this guide because wheel mouse support is standard.

  8. Installing a new Sound Card
    I found this explanation of how to install a new sound card in OS/2, and it was the most elegant way I have seen.

  9. USB Multi-Port Hub
    Some notes I made when I needed a parallel port on a new computer that had none.

  10. HP252dw Printer
    Some notes I made when I installed my HP Color Laserjet Pro HP252dw.

  11. M93 Parallel Port Upgrade
    How to install a parallel port on a Lenovo M39p Desktop.

  12. Icy Dock
    Notes and details of Icy Dock dual removable SSD support on OS/2.