Suntan Special version 0.68

Suntan Special Web edition


Suntan Special Function: MessageDialog

MessageDialog displays a dialog on the Suntan Special Display Monitor or in a VIO (text) window.


rc = MessageDialog(dialogName, flag, message)

Program Arguments

  1. dialogName - name to be used as the title of the tab in the Display Monitor
  2. flag - governs the behavior of the dialog
    1 - normal message
    2 - don't wait after displaying message
    3 - don't display message, just wait
    4 - stop waiting
    5 - OK/Cancel message (returns OK or Cancel)
    6 - Timed message (message closes after 10 seconds)
  3. message - text containing message to user




The text will be flowed onto the screen, wrapping as needed. If a hard line break is desired, use the '~' character, or the carriage return, ASCII value 13.

The space available in the display monitor may be small in some video modes, and the message display does not scroll. Make the message short and to the point.

Last Modified: 24 Dec 2019
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