Suntan Special version 0.68

Suntan Special Web edition

Sequence Page

The Sequence page displays the Suntan Special sequences. This page provides editing and control for installing Suntan Special sequences. The panel on the left shows a list of all the sequences available for this edition of Suntan Special.

There are seven buttons on the Sequence page.

The name of the sequence and the line number being processed is displayed. The name of the application being processed is displayed, and a progress bar displays the status of the sequence install. The most recent message from the install process is displayed on the bottom line.

Manual editing of sequences

Suntan Special sequences are plain text files. It is possible to edit them with any text editor.

The order of keywords in the sequences provided with Suntan Special is important. These sequences have been assembled and tested, and work well in the order as supplied. Reordering the keywords can result in a sequence that doesn't work or produces a computer that doesn't work as intended.

The semicolon (;) is a comment character for sequence files. The exclamation point (!) is used to disable keywords. Add an exclamation point to the beginning of a line containing a keyword to disable the processing of that keyword. You may also add your own notes as comments in a sequence by beginning a line with a semicolon.

The first line of each sequence is a comment with the title of the sequence. While this is not required, Suntan Special sequences use this title to identify the sequence and its purpose.

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