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Why I created Suntan Special

Whenever I reinstalled OS/2, I needed my favorite programs to make the computer mine. At one point, I made a list of everything I needed to do to make a new OS/2 installation useful. The list ran to two pages, and it took me two days to complete. So I got the idea to automate it. Suntan Special is the result.

Many programs required that I remember their individual peculiarities to install them properly. I started to write REXX programs to accomodate each program's individual needs.

Take Lotus SmartSuite as an example of an application that has particular needs for installation. Suntan Special will do an unattended installation of Lotus SmartSuite. Suntan Special installs all Lotus SmartSuite options automatically. Manually specifying all options can take twenty minutes before you even begin the installation. Finally, Suntan Special will edit your Config.Sys and set the TEMP environment value back to the value you intended. When installation is complete, Suntan Special will reboot the computer, then apply the patch to bring Lotus SmartSuite to the latest available version.

A benefit of using Suntan Special is to shorten the time needed to create a useful OS/2 or eComStation computer after the initial installation of the operating system. Blonde Guy has several nicely configured OS/2 and eComStation boot partitions because it's easy to produce them.

Blonde Guy has used Suntan Special for many years as the in-house installation tool. This version of Suntan Special makes the tool generally available.

Last Modified: 24 Dec 2019
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