Suntan Special version 0.68

Suntan Special Web edition


Suntan Special creates a well configured workstation or server by installing sequences of fixes, patches, drivers and applications to your ArcaOS, OS/2 or eComStation computer. Suntan Special also helps to keep your system up to date by downloading upgrades to your system and its applications.

Each fix, driver or application is installed by running the setup program. If possible, the setup program is run in unattended mode, otherwise instructions are provided as needed. Suntan Special can reboot the system as needed and continue running when the reboot is complete.

When you are satisfied with the sequence you have made to create the workstation or server you need, you can run it each time you need another server or workstation. If you run Suntan Special frequently, you can create a software repository on a shared hard drive and use Suntan Special to install applications from it.

Suntan Special is written in REXX. It comes with source code, so you may change the way an application is installed to suit your needs. As new applications or new versions of existing applications become available, you may download them from the Blonde Guy website and add them to your Suntan Special installation.

The Web edition downloads all applications from the internet. This edition is distributed at no cost.

The value of Suntan Special is that the sequences and applications have been extensively tested to work together to bring correct functionality to your OS/2 or eComStation machine. Each sequence causes the applications for OS/2 to be applied in the correct order, and with the appropriate fixups to give you the best installation possible.

Suntan Special contains no software, apart from Suntan Special itself, that cannot be freely downloaded from the internet. It includes no licenses for any software, apart from that for Suntan Special.

Last Modified: 24 Dec 2019
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