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Boot Manager

Boot Manager allows the user to choose between several bootable operating systems on a computer. If there is only one bootable operating system on the computer, Boot Manager is not needed.

OS/2 and eComStation require IBM Boot Manager unless the installation is to an active primary partition. In most cases, if there is more than one bootable partition on the computer IBM Bootmanager will be installed as a part of the operating system installation.

Starting with eComStation 2.1, IBM Bootmanager was replaced by AiR-BOOT. ArcaOS also uses AiR-BOOT. AiR-BOOT is installed in the master boot record, so it does not require any partition, logical or primary. If you have AiR-BOOT, no further configuration is needed.

IBM Bootmanager requires a primary partition. This partition must be in the first 1024 cylinders of the disk for Warp 4 and Warp Server for e-business. For Convenience Pack and eComStation, the IBM Bootmanager may be anywhere on the disk.

Each hard disk has only four primary partitions. The extended partition, which holds all of the logical partitions, counts as one primary partition, leaving space for three more. Examine your disk, and see if there is a free primary partition for IBM Bootmanager, plus the partition you intend to install the operating system. If these are not available, the installation will fail.

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