Suntan Special version 0.68

Suntan Special Web edition

Application Sequence

Two application sequences are provided. Apps.seq provides an installation sequence for most applications. ComApps.seq provides an installation sequence for commercial and shareware applications where the user is expected to have a product CD-ROM, downloaded sequence or product key.

Suntan Special installs a large number of applications with these sequences. The order of installation has been tweaked to minimize the number of reboots. Before running the Application sequences, check the settings for program keys.

Look at the Applications Sequences by going to the Sequence tab, selecting apps.seq or comapps.seq and pressing the Edit button. You can skip installing applications you don't want by double-clicking the application. You will know you have deselected the application when the small box to the left of the application has no X in it.

Last Modified: 24 Dec 2019
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