Suntan Special version 0.68

Suntan Special Web edition

After upgrading from previous editions

Suntan Special can be used to apply all the updates for a computer originally prepared with Suntan Special. A production machine might be left alone, and then periodically brought up to date. This section is an outline of a procedure to do a periodic update with Suntan Special.


The first step is to start Suntan Special and press the Refresh button to see what updates are available.

If the suntan application has an update available, then install that to upgrade Suntan Special. At the end of the upgrade, Suntan Special will exit so that you can run with the new version.

Check if the utils application has an update available, and if so, install that.

Repair the rpm/yum installation. Run yumfix LIBPATH and yumfix STDCPP

. Reboot the system. Run yumutil update. Ensure that rpm/yum is configured and running well. Run yumutil update again to ensure the system is up to date.

If the system uses the QSINIT loader and an update is available, install QSINIT. Reboot the system to ensure the update is working.

If the Arca Noae Software and Drivers are installed, download any new updates from Arca Noae. These can be applied using the ArcaNoae application. If updates are applied, then reboot to ensure that they are properly installed.

If an update is available for the Arca Noae Package Manager, install the yumie application.

The system is ready for the rest of the updates. You can scan the list of applications for any that say "Update Available" and also look for newer versions of Firefox or OpenOffice.

After applying updates, run deskclean and ArchiveOn. Reboot the system and run ArchiveOff. Back up the system by zipping the boot drive and programs drive (if any).

Last Modified: 24 Dec 2019
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