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Make a Backup

When the operating system installation is complete, Blonde Guy always makes a backup. It is so much easier to restore from a backup than to repeat the installation. Suntan Special is designed to work starting after the first boot. Having a backup at this stage is particularly useful for tuning the running of Suntan Special.

You can use zip to backup the operating system, and unzip to restore the operating system from backup. To backup, you can use this command:

      zip -qryS c:\* -x WP?ROOT.?SF

To restore the operating system from backup, you can use this command:

      unzip -d c:\

The minimum versions of zip and unzip that work correctly accross systems are as follows.

Zip.exe -- Compiled with emx+gcc 4.9.2 for OS/2 2.x/3.x (32-bit) on Feb 20 2018.

Unzip.exe -- 6.00 file date 6-12-18

Last Modified: 24 Dec 2019
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