Suntan Special version 0.68

Suntan Special Web edition

Command Line Operation

Suntan Special can be used at the command line. The Display Monitor is not needed for most commands. If the Display Monitor is running, status will be updated, and messages will be routed through the Display Monitor. If the Display Monitor is not running, then all messages will be text mode.

Just two command line commands are available for Suntan Special. Configuration can done by editing settings.txt with any text editor.

Installing one application:
installApp <application keyword> [<application parameter>]

Installs one application designated by the application keyword. The application parameter is optional, and some applications may ignore the application parameter. The application can be local under a directory listed in the SourceDir setting or it can be in the web catalog.

Installing one sequence:
SunBatch START <sequence filename>

Installs one sequence designated by the sequence filename. The sequence file must be found in the Suntan directory. If the system is rebooted while installing an application, execution will resume on the next line of the sequence.

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