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Creating Sequences

Sequences are lists of keywords, where the keyword is the application to be installed. An example of a simple sequence is the CreateArchive sequence, listed below, which creates an archive.

ArchiveOn turns on archiving; reboot reboots the machine. After the machine restarts, Suntan Special executes ArchiveOff to turn off archiving.

Comment lines begin with a semicolon (;). The contents of a comment line are echoed to the log when a sequence is executed.

Disabled lines begin with an exclamation point (!). If a keyword is preceeded by an exclamation point, then it is skipped when the sequence is executed. A message is written to the log that executing was skipped.

ExecuteSequence is used to execute another sequence, the resume executing the current sequence. ExecuteSequence takes a single parameter, the name of the sequence.

EditSequence is used to call the sequence editor. EditSequence takes a single parameter, the name of the sequence.

Set is used to modify a setting during executing of a sequence. Set takes a keyword value pair, delimited by the equals sign (=). For example,
Set turbomode=1
will set the turbomode setting to 1.

Refresh is used to get a refreshed list of applications from the Blonde Guy website.

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