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Adding Files to Extra Applications

This section shows how to add required files for an extra application in Suntan Special. Extra Applications are ones where the application is included, but the actual files are not. For example, IBM and Serenity Systems restrict the distribution of FixPak XR_C005, so Blonde Guy is not able to include it on the Suntan Special CD-ROM.

If Suntan Special is installed on a shared drive, and the directory is writable, then the extra files can be copied to the application directory. In this case, if Suntan Special is installed as X:\Suntan, then the extra files will be copied to X:\Suntan\Setup\xr_c005.

On the other hand, if Suntan Special is to be installed from CD-ROM, then it an extra directory will be needed. To start, create a directory for Extra Applications. This directory should be available to Suntan Special while it is running. Then, modify the sourceDir setting to include the name of the directory you have created.

Under this directory, create a sub-directory with the name of the application you are adding. For FixPak XR_C005, the directory name will be xr_c005. Copy the REXX program from the Suntan Special CD-ROM (S:\setup\xr_c005\cdi.cmd) to the new directory.

Download FixPak XR_C005 from IBM or Serenity Systems using your own userid and password. Place the files in your new xr_c005 directory, then expand the fixpak files, keeping the directory structure intact.

 3-04-05  7:23p       631,356      0 a---
 3-04-05  7:23p        41,377      0 a---
 3-04-05  7:24p     2,912,792      0 a---  xr0c0051.ZIP
 3-04-05  7:24p     2,912,683      0 a---  xr0c0052.ZIP
 3-04-05  7:25p     2,912,728      0 a---  xr0c0053.ZIP
 3-04-05  7:25p     2,912,730      0 a---  xr0c0054.ZIP
 3-04-05  7:26p     2,912,728      0 a---  xr0c0055.ZIP
 3-04-05  7:26p     2,912,863      0 a---  xr0c0056.ZIP
 3-04-05  7:27p     2,912,837      0 a---  xr0c0057.ZIP
 3-04-05  7:28p     2,912,863      0 a---  xr0c0058.ZIP

The REXX program, cdi.cmd, will look for the fixpak files before prompting you for a location. This will save lots of time when updating your machine. This also gives you the opportunity to organize all of your password protected downloads into a single directory tree.

This is what the xr_c005 directory should look like when you are done.

 9-03-05 10:20p         2,119  3,043 a---  cdi.cmd
12-11-05 12:17a         <DIR>      0 ----  CSF
 2-07-05  2:56p           114      0 a---  csf_disk
 3-02-05  6:12p       305,540      0 a---
12-11-05 12:17a         <DIR>      0 ----  dist
 3-01-05  7:21p           578      0 a---  ecs_c005.txt
12-11-05 12:17a         <DIR>      0 ----  fix
 1-22-05  6:40a       251,654      0 a---
 6-22-01  9:33a        14,989      0 a---  os2dump
 2-07-05  3:02p       108,136      0 a---  readme.1st
 1-07-02  2:21p        13,998      0 a---  readme.cid
 1-11-05  1:54p        20,164      0 a---  readme2
 2-29-00  4:33p        15,496      0 a---  readrexx.txt
10-08-02  6:20p        24,569      0 a---  updtbmgr.exe
10-08-02  6:20p        21,940      0 a---
       17 file(s)     779,297 bytes used
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