Suntan Special version 0.68

Suntan Special Web edition

Release Notes

New Features of Version 0.67

  1. Applications that are the configuration type are no longer marked up to date after execution
  2. A bug that failed to execute the last line of a sequence was fixed.
  3. Tested ArcaOS 5.0x support
  4. Files changed:
    • acp.seq - added support similar to ArcaOS
    • ApplicationEd.cmd - many changes
    • apps.seq - many new apps, support for ArcaOS
    • ArcaOS50.seq - platform sequence to support ArcaOS
    • cd-installer.cmd - removed
    • cleanup.seq - checks for missing unicode.sys
    • dev.seq - revise gcc installation
    • DoWarpIN.cmd - safer use of REXX queue
    • ecs10.seq - added support similar to ArcaOS
    • ecs11.seq - added support similar to ArcaOS
    • ecs12.seq - added support similar to ArcaOS
    • ecs12R.seq - added support similar to ArcaOS
    • ecs20.seq - added support similar to ArcaOS
    • ecs21.seq - added support similar to ArcaOS
    • ecs22.seq - added support similar to ArcaOS
    • EditFile.cmd - new function and lots more logging
    • freewarp.seq - added support similar to ArcaOS
    • InstallApp.cmd - restores directory when through
    • mcp.seq - added support similar to ArcaOS
    • QuerySettings.cmd - added osDir
    • warp4.seq - added support similar to ArcaOS
    • wseb.seq - added support similar to ArcaOS
  5. Added code to check on a new version of Suntan Special
  6. Revised documentation to include ArcaOS
  7. make apps that need it use set osdir=
  8. obsolete cd-installer.cmd
  9. make more apps use DoYum and DoWarpIN

New Features of Version 0.66

  1. Fix use of wget to download applications with long url
  2. Check if downloaded files files are present before installing app
  3. Added product date to each cdi file and to Suntan Special to make Update Available more reliable
  4. Added DoYum and DoWarpIN functions to standardize installation behavior
  5. Extra files supplied by user are optionally stored in the setupDir
  6. Numerous bug fixes and enhancements suggested by users

New Features of Version 0.65

New Web edition for free download. No apps included.

  1. installs ecups support including new HP printers
  2. Replace Wget from earlier versions; replace with eCS-MT version.
  3. Ensure Wget in suntanDir is used by Suntan.
  4. combine suntan/cdi.cmd and chooser
  5. When installing Suntan, look for prior installation in a suntanDir, if different, put up dialog.
  6. When installing Suntan, save any old sequence files.
  7. Check for Setup and for apps-db and cd-log on installation.
  8. SunBatch should ask to repeat or skip when an app fails
  9. When running yum, offer to repeat. doYum.cmd.
  10. modify yumutil to use doYum
  11. When installing yum, ask user if it worked.
  12. Supplemental install for Firefox 38 features without using yum.
  13. Webfonts fix for redundant fonts.
  14. InstallApp replaces cd-installer as the way to call another application
  15. Add utils, gcc4core, refresh to extra apps.

New Features of Version 0.64

  1. fixed reboot function in virtual machine (no boot manager)
  2. if Suntan Special cannot download a file for an application, then the user will be prompted for the file.
  3. The webmaster of the os2site chose to restrict access except to authorized users. The only exception is to allow OS/2 users, so I added a user agent string to wget to inform os2site that Suntan Special is an OS/2 user.
  4. Timestamps added to the log.
  5. Simplified by switching collections to individual applications

New Features of Version 0.63

  1. Fixed syntax error in MessageDialog.cmd
  2. Message text may be copied to the clipboard
  3. Faster screen update on Application Dialog
  4. Fixed the File table full bug
  5. Added checkboxes to the Application Page to select which applications are displayed.
  6. Consolidated Suntan Special versions to Broadband and DVD.

New Features of Version 0.61

  1. Rewrote the batch processing program. Now called sunbatch.cmd, batch processing is more robust and reliable. In particular, the name of the sequence file and line number are correct, and the start/stop, pause and resume buttons work better.
  2. Added Suntan Special DVD edition which combines all versions of Suntan Special into one distribution.
  3. Fix for pressing Start Sequence with no sequence selected
  4. New EditSequence command
  5. Documented commands available to sequences
  6. ProNews migration
  7. PMMail 3.06
  8. Fixed Syntax error message when cdglobal(x) called with x not in settings.
  9. New applications cleanBonus and cleanSetup applications help to keep stored applications organized

New Features of Version 0.60

  1. Simple installation of applications from the web.
  2. Broadband edition for users with good internet connections.
  3. Clear display of updates available for installed applications.
  4. Improved error handling while running sequences.
  5. Uninstallation program to remove Suntan Special
  6. All applications now use recursive SuntanMkDir rather than SysMkDir.
  7. New Delete and Import buttons on Sequence Page.
  8. Ned dialog for Directory picker
  9. New dialog for OK/Cancel Query
  10. Fix updates for members of collections; snap3, uniaud114
  11. Dev tools to Programs->Development DevFolder()
  12. Fixup OS/2 toolkit - rc.exe is all over the drive ecs=4.0.10;os2=4.0.11;tk=5.0.7;cpp=3.11
  13. Display message on right panel of application page when starting refresh
  14. set command for sequences
  15. settings for eCS vs OS/2
  16. in Warp4.seq and FreeWarp.seq it goes to turbo mode while executing fp15, ddp2, wr_8425 and un_0980.
  17. New dialog to Choose Edit paths
  18. fixed sourcedir rewriting on installation
  19. adjustable pause time
  20. applications sunup and phoneHome are withdrawn
  21. Suntan Special no longer requires an entry in the system PATH
  22. scanExtra application checks for extra files required by sequence
  23. sequence page front if running

Applications added or updated

The following applications are new or updated for this release.

Last Modified: 24 Dec 2019
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