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Extra Applications

Suntan Special comes with commands to install 0 Extra Applications. An Extra Application is one where the product installation files are not supplied on the Suntan Special CD-ROM. Each Extra Application needs you to provide a product CD-ROM, or a zip file containing the product installation files.

Each Extra Application in the list below is linked to a page describing the application. The page also lists the files or CD-ROM you need to install the application.

When you install an Extra Application, Suntan Special will prompt you for the CD-ROM or extra files you need. When you supply the CD-ROM or files, Suntan Special will perform the product installation. You can specify the extra directory using the sourceDir parameter in the settings file, otherwise Suntan Special will prompt for the name of the extra directory.

You can speed up the application installation process by creating an Extra Directory containing the Extra Applications. Execute the create_extra command to copy the extra application commands from Suntan Special to your own storage (hard disk or LAN directory). For each application, you can manually copy the files or CD-ROMs to the appropriate subdirectory.

Suntan Special Extra Applications

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