Suntan Special version 0.68

Suntan Special Web edition

Software Repository

When installing Suntan Special, if you choose to copy all applications to the hard drive, you are setting up a software repository. You can include any applications that you install, even if they are not included in Suntan Special.

A software repository is where you keep all of the setup programs for the software that you use. One benefit of using Suntan Special is to make it easy to reinstall all of the software you use on a new computer or a new bootable partition.

As you install web applications, Suntan Special downloads the application setup programs and installs the application. If saveWebApps is set, Suntan will retain the downloaded applications will be saved in the setupDir.

You will choose a directory for your Software Repository. The directory should be on a drive with sufficient space for the software you use. When you install Suntan Special to the software repository, the contents of the CD-ROM will be copied to that directory.

For the computer hosting the repository, this is the installation of Suntan Special it will use to install applications. For other computers, run the install program in the root of the Software Repository directory. The install program will install Suntan Special on the other computer configured to install applications from the Software Repository.

Each computer will run Suntan Special with the SourceDir setting configured to include the shared directory of the Software Repository.

Last Modified: 24 Dec 2019
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