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Installing the Operating System

Installing the operating system is mostly automatic, but there are a few places where problems are most likely to occur.

Booting the computer

The first time the computer is booted, either from installation diskettes or from CD-ROM, it is wise to press the F3 key and get a commnd prompt, and make sure that all the drive letters are assigned to the partitions that you expect. If not, stop installing, and fix your boot environment so it is right.

Selecting Partition

Each of the operating systems gives you a way to select the installation partition. For OS/2, in many cases you will need a primary partition for IBM boot manager as well as the partition you select for the operating system. If you do not meet this requirement, then the installation will fail.

Choosing options

When choosing the options for installation, especially for the older versions of OS/2 and eComStation, remember that a lot of the software is obsolete. Don't bother installing Mozilla or the IBM Web Browser, for example, because the versions included on the operating system CD-ROM are too old. Suntan Special will install newer versions.

This section describes how to install each flavor of OS/2. Blonde Guy recommends that a minimal installation of the operating system is the best way to prepare for using Suntan Special. Installation Instructions are available for each flavor of OS/2.

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