Suntan Special version 0.68

Suntan Special Web edition

Other Sequences

The games sequence, developer sequence, server sequence and websphere sequence are included in various Suntan Special packages. Install them after the applications sequence, in any order.

The e_to_x sequence is included in the eComStation edition. This sequence uninstalls eWorkplace and installs xWorkplace on the eComStation versions that include eWorkplace.

The cleanup sequence is included to clean up the Suntan Special installation. Run the cleanup sequence last to tidy up things after installing everything else. The cleanup sequence can be used any time, which is useful after installing a few Internet updates.

The server2 sequence provides new server capabilities. Server2 replaces the old server sequence, which installed the old IBM server parts from Warp Server for e-Business. Server2 installs recent open-source server components.

Last Modified: 24 Dec 2019
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