Suntan Special version 0.68

Suntan Special Web edition

Using Suntan Special

Suntan Special is useful for creating new OS/2 and eCS systems, and also for maintaining exising OS/2 and eCS systems. Creating new systems is covered in the Installation section. For existing systems, Suntan Special is used to update fixes, drivers and applications.

The first time you run Suntan Special, press the Refresh button to download the current list of available applications. If you are using Suntan Special to update a syste, press the Refresh button to see the latest available updates and applications.

To install a new application, or to upgrade an existing application to the latest release, Suntan Special is used in an interactive mode. When Suntan Special is started, it brings up the current list of applications and compares it to the list of applications in its database. The current status of each application is displayed on the Applications tab.

To see the latest applications available, use the refresh button on the Applications tab. See Downloading Updates for more information.

To install a single application, select the application from the list on the left side of the Applications tab, and press Install. Suntan Special will install the application. Details of the installation are appended to the end of the log file, which can be viewed on the Log tab.

Last Modified: 24 Dec 2019
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