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Suntan Special is intended to make it easier to install OS/2 or eCS on your computer. But installing Suntan Special is only one of the steps required. This section outlines the process with a step-by-step guide.

If you are installing Suntan Special on an existing system skip ahead to Installing Suntan Special.

  1. Partitioning hard drives: create partitions to contain the operating system, applications and data. Each of the operating systems gives you a way to select the installation partition. In many cases you need a primary partition for IBM boot manager as well as the partition you select for the operating system. If you do not meet this requirement, then the installation will fail.
  2. Boot Manager: The Operating System installer will ensure that IBM Boot Manager is installed in the active primary partition. Starting with eComStation 2.1, the AiR-BOOT manager replaces IBM Boot Manager.
  3. Choosing an Application Directory: A directory with sufficient space for all applications should be designated.
  4. Source Directories: Suntan Special can install applications from the CD, or it can copy the setup programs to a directory on the hard drive and install them from there. If you intend to set up several computers, or several boot partitions on one computer, installing to the hard drive can save time and trouble.
  5. Product Keys and Extra Files: Suntan Special will register applications that have product keys. Gather the product keys into a directory so Suntan Special can find them. Suntan Special will install extra applications. Gather the files needed for these.
  6. Modified Boot Diskettes: Computer hardware has come a long way since OS/2 was released. Boot diskettes with the latest drivers can make it a lot easier to install the Operating System.
  7. Installing the Operating System: The operating system installation is pretty straightforward, but this section has a few notes on what to skip if you are running Suntan Special afterward.
  8. Make a Backup: When the operating system is installed, make a backup copy in case something goes wrong later in the process. It's a lot easier to restore this backup than to reinstall the operating system.
  9. Installing Suntan Special: Install Suntan Special, specifying the application directory, source directory and any other special settings. If you have a settings file from a previous installation of Suntan Special, you will have a chance to copy and use it.
  10. Running Suntan Special: Review all the settings using the settings editor. Review each sequence before running using the sequence editor.
  11. Platform Sequence: Select the platform sequence for the operating system and start it. Suntan Special will adjust any installation weirdness, and apply the appropriate fixes. The system will reboot, possibly several times, to process locked files. It is important to install the platform sequence, because many applications rely on prerequisites installed by the platform sequence.
  12. Thinkpad Sequence: This sequence contains a small number of applications specific to laptop computers. Review this sequence carefully -- some applications are specific to particular IBM Thinkpads.
  13. Application Sequence: This sequence installs the applications. Review this sequence and disable the applications you don't want to install.
  14. Other Sequences: For workstations, the games sequence is available. For servers, the server sequence adds servers and configuration. The WebSphere sequence installs and configures WebSphere, and DB2 version 6.1.
  15. Saving Settings: When all of the sequences have been applied, it is a good idea to save the Suntan Special settings file. Use this settings file the next time you do and install.
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